iPhone and iPad apps have opened a world of opportunities for business. It’s a creative and exciting evolution for you and for IOS app developers like us.

In fact, because we’re senior level IOS App developers, no challenge is too great. We can successfully (and easily) create anything from simple landing pages to full mobile eCommerce deployments.

Native Device Features

Given that app building software can have bugs, we develop IOS apps with a focus on native code. As such, your iPhone or iPad app can easily leverage all the devices features (GPS to camera, Bluetooth, accelerometer, to name a few).

Slick User Interface

Because iOS enables attractive native features, we’re also adept at creating a vivid visual experience for your users.

Potential Revenue

Flurry found that the percentage of apps available for free has risen steadily since 2010. Today, 90 percent of apps are available for free while 6 percent are available for just US$0.99.

Device Use in the Marketplace

iPhone used to monopolize the app marketplace, but since the inception of Android smart devices, consumer Android adoption has delivered a whopping takeover with a more than 70 percent market share vs. 21 percent for iPhone by 4th quarter 2012 according to the Business Insider . Take this news with a grain of salt however; the Android following has taken off worldwide, while in North America iOS retains an over 65% market share, according to this article in Forbes .

It’s an interesting time for native device application development: it is generally accepted that iOS application development comes first, and Android apps play second fiddle.

“It’s rare for the creators of a significant app to simply ignore Android altogether. But for many companies, the Android version is what you get to work on after you’ve shipped the iOS one, leaving Google’s ecosystem in a mode of permanent catch-up.” –Harry McCracken Time.com Contributing Editor