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    We specialize in custom software application development.
    Our experienced team of developers build apps using
    Agile software development methodologies; we deliver
    business solutions to your customers, your office, or
    your employees in the field.

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    Building mobile applications for iOS,
    Android, Blackberry and the web. Reach
    your audience on their mobile, tablet or
    desktop devices.

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    Our team of experienced software
    developers will help streamline your
    business and support your operations
    with custom software applications.


Experienced enough to know more, and to know better.


Today, phones take pictures. Websites talk back, and Google has
changed the face of communication by selling glasses.

How do we help you keep up?

We’re Senior App Developers.

We have the wisdom to use hindsight and the experience to have foresight.Our team is comprised solely of experience senior developers, making the quality of our finished code as high as possible for our customers.

We’re a Large Team.

We have not one. Not two. But, 14 experienced full time app developers. We’re set up for “no excuses”. No matter how unpredictable life can be, there’s always a top web developer working on your project, no matter what.

We’re Specialized.

We don’t do everything for the web. Rather, we have areas of expertise and we do them better than anyone in the city. We’re Vancouver’s go-to team for large, complex projects and our experience spans multiple business sectors. Nothing fazes us, but it sure does interest us.

And we’re cost-efficient.

We take on large-scale projects and specialize in those that require true customization (sometimes code hacking and plugins don’t cut it). Because the hours are greater, we can afford to offer more competitive rates.

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Web Applications are software apps which can be accessed via any web browser, on any platform or mobile device, from anywhere in the world. Web Applications access a central database of information stored in the cloud which makes this interaction of information available to your clients and/or staff whether they’re at their desk, on site or traveling. Sprint Developers’ team is highly specialized in creating custom responsive web applications, from wire frame layout to project delivery our skilled Project Managers will work with you to deliver your business software solution.


Sprint Developers specialize in building mobile applications for all devices and platforms, including Android and iOS. Mobile Applications often incorporate native device functionality such as GPS, Camera / Video, or advanced user experience (graphical interfaces not available on the web). Benefits to Mobile App development include accessibility and visibility in the App Marketplaces such as iTunes, Windows, and Google Play. Another huge advantage to choosing a Mobile Application is the ability to use and work with the app offline: with no internet connection required.

Responsive Web App VS. Mobile App

What is the difference, and what makes the most sense for my business?

This is the question we face the most frequently with clients: What is the difference between a Mobile App and a Web App, and which choice makes the most sense for my business? In order to properly assess which project will be ideal, let’s start with the basics.

We’ll carefully assess your business needs and budget for your software project in order to give you the best product for your end goals.

Our team of software experts are here to help you through every step of the process; give us a call in order to set up your one on one consultation with an experienced Project Manager.

Step one is to identify who will be using the software application: your employees, your clients, your business partners? Whether your target audience are using it in the field, while travelling or from their office, and what device is being used to access the Application can make an important difference when choosing between web or mobile app development.
A web application is interactive software accessed via a web browser: Office Management software, Email applications, Antivirus Security software, Customer Relationship Management software, File Transfer software, and File Storage applications are a few common industry examples. These applications are considered ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS), are connected to remote databases in order to collect, generate and push user specific information, and are designed to facilitate interactive experiences for its users.

SaaS applications have the advantage of worldwide accessibility, interoperability not reliant on individual computer system requirements, online storage, and online backups. This means your customers and / or employees can access and interact with information while traveling, on location, or from the office. Responsive Web Applications are designed to give the same user experience regardless of location, device or platform.

A mobile application is built specifically for a device and/or software platform; such as iOS, Android or Blackberry. Advantages include exclusivity in these marketplaces, however the disadvantage if you’d like to be accessible on all devices is cost: each platform will require individual development. This can often mean a bigger budget is required to achieve cross-platform compatibility.

Mobile applications have the advantage of being accessible to customers via the various App Marketplaces, such as iTunes, Google Play and Windows App Stores, and can be set up to generate revenue for a price per download. Mobile applications also have the advantage of very advanced unique graphic experiences not available on the web, and the ability to utilize native device functionality in the application such as GPS, Camera, Video, or Email.

In order to best determine which choice will be ideal for your business we’ll need to assess: budget restrictions, timeline, project features, end user requirements, end user accessibility, maintenance, and whether you intend the software to create revenue generation. We are happy to help you through every step of the decision process, and are available to set up a free one-on-one project consultation with one of our expert Project Managers.